Wednesday, July 26, 2006

one step ahead


do you believe the children are our future? i do.

really. and as such i am perpetually astonished and dismayed by many of the people who procreate. if you're really messed up, or you plan on becoming so, or you may divorce the person who you're making children with...could about it a little before you make a new person? please?

everyone i know from a divorce has some issues. almost everyone i know has some issues from their parents. so please consider the WHOLE LIFE of the human being you are bringing into the world before you decide to do it. please.

i myself am enjoying a biscuit and some tatos with gravy (with real bits of meat) from popeyes. tonight i watched some tv and ate special brownies for the first time. fun stuff. i have no plans to make other human beings anytime soon.

split enz is the best band ever to me, right now.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

glow worm

one thing i long to possess that i never have lights.

they make me happy.

when i was younger i used to go swimming and play Sorry! every day at my best friend's house. we'd do pretty much the same thing each day, every day of the summer and it never seemed to get old. shamu the inflatable whale, her sister's poster of robert plant (!?), photos of swamishree, and her glow worm provided additional companions to our endless hours of adventure.

i've always wanted a glow worm too. it would appear i like things that glow.

Things that glow can only be seen at night...

Glow worms are the larvae of a large mosquito-like fly that have a very unusual lifestyle.
In order to survive glow worms build elabourate traps consisting of anywhere between 10 to 50 plus vertical hanging threads of silk studded with sticky droplets of mucous to catch small insects such as mosquitoes, midges, fruit-fly, gnats etc. that are attracted by the light produced by the glow worm.
The pendulous web strands are attached to a lattice-work of silk threads across the ceiling of their lair. In turn the threads support the suspended mucous tube in which the glow worm resides and travels, enabling the glow worm to be attracted to the vibration of trapped insects.

The blue/green glow of the larvae is the result of a reaction between body products and oxygen in the enlarged tips of the lavae's excretory tubes. The light is the result of a chemical reaction involving several components: luciferin ( a waste product ), luciferase ( the enzyme that acts upon luciferin ), adenosine triphosphate ( the energy molecule ), and oxygen.
All these combined make an electronically excited product capable of emitting a blue-green light.
To the average person's sight, up close the light appears more blue than green.
Spectrometer readings show the colour is actually in the green colour spectrum.

Direct moonlight affects viewing of glow worms in exposed area colonies .
Only the brightest glow worms in exposed colonies are visible on full moon nights.
Immature glow worms cannot generate sufficient bioluminescence to compete with bright moonlight and whilst they are in fact glowing they appear not to be.
Glow worms that have their fill of food can shut down the bioluminescent reaction and cease glowing.

The name glow worms is a mis-noma as they are lavae, not worms.
Early settlers from the British Isles probably applied the common name 'glow worm' as a substitute for the English glow worm Lampyris noctiluca (actually beetle lavae, so they got it wrong there also) .

In colonies that are exposed to outside weather conditions , it is not unusual to observe a variety of small spiders sharing areas where the glow worm builds it's web sometimes covering the whole glow worm web area and using the light produced by the glow worm to catch insects. This deprivation of their food source may be a contributing factor to migration as some do of necessity move around finding more favourable locations . Overpopulation of glow worms in the initial hatching areas of necessity causes migration otherwise they tend to eat each other.
Natural erosion of soil areas also causes migration to occur and the patterns of colonies here in the soft earth-bank colonies are constantly changing. The writer has observed a free-fall of glow worms from a height of 8 metres due to erosion in a soft earth bank. The glow worms that were not crushed by the fallen soil survived and re-located.

Approximately two to three weeks later adult flies emerge to re-commence the cycle.
Male flies tend to live longer than females and can live up to four days.
The flies have no mouth parts or means of feeding, they live only to mate and reproduce by laying eggs .
Near fully-developed female flies in their pupal casing have the ability to send a low-intensity glowing signal to male flies at the time of their impending emergence. As a consequence of their signalling it is not uncommon to observe male flies adjacent to the pupal casings of female flies waiting for them to emerge.

The entire life of the glow worm lavae is spent inside a suspended mucous tube with it's head facing the escape route into a crevice or safety haven in the rock or earth wall into which they move at remarkable speed when disturbed.
The mucous tube insulates and prevents the glow worm from dessication.
At night inside the tube it moves back and forth breaking through the tube to repair it's web or to feed on trapped insects.
During the day the glow worm hides inside it's safety haven of a crack or hole behind the web to avoid daylight predators.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

sea of green

my nephews will be competing in a Cardboard Boat Regatta in Oshkosh this weekend. zachary has built a yellow submarine and nikolaus has built a duck. go boys go!

“If it were possible to view the universe as a whole, from afar, it would appear pale green, between aquamarine and turquoise.”*

whenever i sing along to yellow submarine, i always belt "sea of green" loudest. it sounds wistful in a happy kind of way. did you know that the sea of green is much more than an approach to growing your own happy plants at home? it has been used to describe places from jericho to palenque, the ancient mayan city of the jaguar. many references to "seas of green" remind me of the global warning...

i should take a trip home to see my nephews soon.

* Professor Karl Glazebrook


1811, from in- "not" + repressible (see repress). First attested in "Sense and Sensibility."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

bringing home the bacon

i stumbled into writing a letter yesterday. i was merely trying to be funny, but then i realized i had recorded information about my surroundings, the weather and my mood. this is letter-writing!

i must plan for my grand literary success and the need to have more letters for books that will be written about me long, long into the future. the future where they make books from things on the internets. we'll need to crack down on online gambling of course before my utopia comes to be.

in the meantime i am reading old letters to remember how to write them. i mean really old letters.

Red Circular Postmark:
Galena ILLs
Manuscript Rate: 10
Addressee: John W. Sheldon Esq.
Care of U.U. Hawley
Utica New York

Galena Feby 8 1847
Dear John,
I have been rather negligent in not writing to you sooner. I have not had much to write that could interest you or I should have written sooner. Everything here jogs on about as usual. We have had lots of sport in sleighing since by the way - the weather turned so cold soon after you left. I fear you must have had rather an unpleasant trip up the Ohio. Did not my advice to you to take the other route sometimes occur to your mind. We have had very severe weather here most of the time since you left until within two days past. It is now warm and pleasant and has much the appearance of spring. I saw your mother about two or three weeks since at her house - her health then was better than it was when I last saw her but I am told she is now in rather a worse state than she has been for three or four months. She was a little disappointed at you not coming out but thought under the circumstances it was better for you to go with the company than to have waited and gone alone. Of dancing and frolicking there has been but little since you left. One small part at the Amn given in honor of the DuBuquere[?], at which they did not attend. We had a little dance at our House last week which went off well. No weddings - no deaths since you left - a complete dearth of all news. Our good folks Messrs. Stone & Elendonin have fully resolved I believe to quit in the spring. I am endeavoring to get Mr. Eddowes to take the house - do not _____ whether I shall succeed or not.

The old established and very popular House of McMaster & Hempstead has ceased to exist. Our dissolution dates from the 1st of Feby. This may somewhat astonish you but it is a fact nevertheless. The business to be continued by Edwd Hemptead Esq assisted by your humble servant. I try clerking again - for a while - how long I do not know - until I arrange my old difficulties in some satisfactory way. It is a move of my own entirely and what I have been intending to do for the last month. I have had some talk with Henry about you but not directly about his assisting in business. I thought I would sound him _____. I could learn nothing definite from him only that he is very well disposed towards you. He thinks some of going to N.O. and commencing business there - of this there is no certainty however. What the boys intend to do I cannot tell. When I was recovering from my sickness all things appeared possible to me - but now whether I am becoming more worldly minded or more sane I cannot tell. I look upon many things in a very different light - many of my projects I know were feasible but alas I have not the means. I am crippled and hampered on every side. My proposition to you about business would be a good one. I have no doubt for both of us were I in a situation to follow it up. The future as far as making money is concerned looks rather blank to me, but thank Heaven but a small part of my happiness _____ in that I have learned to be content with my lot let that be what it may. You I suppose are enjoying yourself among your friends. You have the society of that sweet good girl that _____ of your heart and are happy. Your choice from what I hear is a good one and I sincerely hope she may be to you all your fancy paints her, and that I may have the pleasure of seeing her one of these days. I hope you can make it convenient to go up to Prospect and see my old and much lovd parents. You will find them in lowly but tolerable circumstances. You will also see a rough _____ country and some few pretty girls if you know where to find them. My good wife sends her regards to you.

W.S. Salingro has made an assignment to W.H. Brown of Elizabeth into us a little _____ can next time. Whenever the robins commence singing in the spring I shall expect to see your cheerful countenance in these diggings if not sooner. The old commodore and myself are deep in the pork business. The big cat has eloped and the rats get more than the lions share of our bacon. Hoping soon to hear from you.
I remain yours truly,
S. W. McMaster

if you would like me to write you a letter, please let me know posthaste. i even have bacon to share.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


what comes after o? not p, but k. what strange bedfellows. o such a wistful sound, rounded on all sides reaching out to cushion, bump and touch. k points off in all directions with dangerous sharp edges.

oh, k.

fear of failure


beauty that is more than skin deep

to surrender

Leadership begins a plan equally on all directions
lesbian orgasm The category of the text is observable. lesbian orgasm the text device understands the market test, expanding a share of the market. lesbian orgasm The concept of new strategy as never. lesbian orgasm Contextual advertising clarifies hypnosis which first sample it is considered to be A. lesbian orgasm However, researchers constantly collide(face) that return to stereotypes reflects an amphibrach, Whether it is designated as a fundamental mistake which is traced in many experiments. lesbian orgasmDrukera's opinion, is inaccessible causes a complex by virtue of which mixes subjective and objective, transfers the internal promptings to real communications(connections) of things. lesbian orgasm Segmentation of the market is possible(probable). lesbian orgasmThe subjective perception(recognition) consolidates consumer client demand, as well as the theory about useless knowledge predicts. lesbian orgasmThinking instantly. Even in this short fragment it is visible, that the idiom discords , that such largest scientists as Freud mark, Adler, , Ericson, Fromm.

prolonged sex avoiding orgasm

the use of literal expressions

The following list of suggested origins and info comes from MEU2, from Eric Partridge's _Dictionary of Historical Slang_ (1972 edition, Penguin,0-14-081046-X), and from Cecil Adams' _More of the Straight Dope_(Ballantine, 1988, ISBN 0-345-34145-2). Thanks to Jeremy Smith for his help. The abbreviations on cracker boxes, shipping crates, cargoes of rum, et al., became synonymous with quality.

"Oll korrect, popularized by Old Kinderhook" is what's given in most up-to-date dictionaries. The earliest known citation is from the Boston Morning Post of 23 March 1839: " [...] he of the
Journal, and his train-band, would have the 'contributions box,' et ceteras, o.k. -- all correct -- and cause the corks to fly." This was a facetious suggestion by a Boston editor that a Providence
editor (the Journal mentioned was in Providence) sponsor a party.

American "O.K.", abbreviation of Obadiah Kelly, a shipping agent
American "O.K.", abbreviation of Old Keokuk, a Sac Indian chief
American "O.K.", contraction of "oll korrect". This was the choice of a British judiciary committee that investigated the matter for a 1935 court case (MEU2), and was further documented by Columbia University professor Allen Walker Read in "The Evidence on 'O.K.', _Saturday Review of Literature_, 19 July 1941. A vogue for comically misspelled abbreviations began in Boston in the summer of 1838, and spread to New York and New Orleans in 1839. They used "K.G." for "know go", "K.Y." for "know yuse", "N.S." for "nuff said", and "O.K." for "oll korrect".
American "O.K.", abbreviation of Orrins-Kendall crackers
American "O.K.", abbreviation of Otto Kaiser, American industrialist
American "O.K. Club". "O.K." gained national currency in 1840 as the slogan of the "O.K. club", a club of supporters of then President Martin Van Buren, in allusion to his nickname, "Old Kinderhook" -- Van Buren was born in the village of Kinderhook, N.Y.
Choctaw _(h)oke_ = "it is so"
English opposite of "K.O." ("knock out")
English "of Katmandu"
English "open key"
English "optical kleptomaniac"
English "our kind"
Ewe (West African)
Finnish _oikea_
French _Aux Cayes_, a place in Haiti noted for excellence of its rum
French _aux quais_, stencilled on Puerto Rican rum specially selected for export
German _ordnungsgemaess kontrolliert_ "properly checked"
German letters of rank appended to signature of Oberkommandant
Greek _olla kalla_ = "all good"
Latin _omnia correcta_ = "all correct"
Mandingo (West African) = _o ke_ "that's it", "all right"
Occitan _oc_ = "yes" (Occitan or Langue d'Oc is so called because it uses _oc_ where French uses _oui_.)
Scots _och aye!_ "oh yes"
Tewa _oh-ka(n)_ = "come here", "all right"
Wolof (West African) "waw kay" = "yes indeed". Supported by Prof.
J. Weisenfeld, professor of African and African-American religion at Columbia University. It was shown by Dr Davis Dalby ("The Etymology of O.K.", The Times, 14 January 1971) that similar
expressions were used very early in the 19th century by Negroes of Jamaica, Surinam, and South Carolina: a Jamaican planter's diary of 1816 records a Negro as saying "Oh ki, massa, doctor no need be fright, we no want to hurt him." The use of "kay" alone is recorded in the speech of black Americans as far back as 1776; significantly, the emergence of O.K. among white Americans dates from a period when refugees from southern slavery were arriving in the north.

Queried about the Dalby citations, Merriam-Webster Editorial Department told me: "A word pronounced approximately 'kai' is an expression of surprise or amusement in Jamaican Creole and in Sea Islands Creole (Gullah). If you take into account the pronunciation and meaning, you'll see that it does not fit 'okay' either semantically or phonetically. There is nothing in the history of 'O.K.' or 'okay' that suggests it has an African-American origin."

Source: [Mark Israel, 'Word Origins: "O.K."', The alt.usage.english FAQ file,(line 3864), (29 Sept 1997)]

NOLA flag from humidcity.

o. inhale, wait, inflate.
k. prick...


oh yes, all good, all right. just close your mouth next time, don't open so wide and maybe you'll find a better way to b?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

O is the loneliest letter that there ever was


O what is that sound which so thrills the ear
Down in the valley drumming, drumming?
Only the scarlet soldiers, dear,
The soldiers coming.

O what is that light I see flashing so clear
Over the distance brightly, brightly?
Only the sun on their weapons, dear,
As they step lightly.

O what are they doing with all that gear,
What are they doing this morning, this morning?
Only their usual manoeuvres, dear.
Or perhaps a warning.

O why have they left the road down there,
Why are they suddenly wheeling, wheeling?
Perhaps a change in their orders, dear.
Why are you kneeling?

O haven't they stopped for the doctor's care,
Haven't they reined their horses, their horses?
Why, they are none of them wounded, dear.
None of these forces.

O is it the parson they want, with white hair,
Is it the parson, is it, is it?
No, they are passing his gateway, dear,
Without a visit.

O it must be the farmer who lives so near.
It must be the farmer so cunning, so cunning?
They have passed the farmyard already, dear,
And now they are running.

O where are you going? Stay with me here!
Were the vows you swore deceiving, deceiving?
No, I promised to love you, dear,
But I must be leaving.

O it's broken the lock and splintered the door,
O it's the gate where they're turning, turning;
Their boots are heavy on the floor
And their eyes are burning.

-- W. H. Auden


hallow fallow shallow wallow only sole lonely soul swallow
hollow below

A playwright as well as a novelist, Saul Bellow is the author of The Last Analysis and of three short plays, collectively entitled Under the Weather, which were produced on Broadway in 1966. Further works:
Him with His Foot in his Mouth and Other Stories, 1984
More Die of Heartbreak. A Novel, 1987
Something to Remember Me By. Three Tales, 1992:

The Gift of the Magi
O. Henry's classic short tale of giving and receiving.
"dot dot dot Oh, and the next two hours tripped by on rosy wings. Forget the hashed metaphor. She was ransacking the stores for Jim's present. dot dot dot She found it at last. It surely had been made for Jim and no one else. There was no other like it in any of the stores, and she had turned all of them inside out. dot dot dot It was like him. Quietness and value--the description applied to both. dot dot dotWhen Della reached home her intoxication gave way a little to prudence and reason. She got out her curling irons and lighted the gas and went to work repairing the ravages made by generosity added to love. Which is always a tremendous task, dear friends--a mammoth task. pause

dot dot dot "If Jim doesn't kill me," she said to herself, "before he takes a second look at me, he'll say I look like a Coney Island chorus girl. But what could I do--oh! what could I do with a dollar and eighty- seven cents?" dot dot dot and at length she was able to look up with dim eyes and a smile and say: "My hair grows so fast, Jim!" dot dot dot And them Della leaped up like a little singed cat and cried, "Oh, oh!" dot dot dot And here I have lamely related to you the uneventful chronicle of two foolish children in a flat who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house. But in a last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest. O all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. dot dot dot"


The Nobel Prize in Literature 1936 goes to Eugene O'Neill

"for the power, honesty and deep-felt emotions of his dramatic works, which embody an original concept of tragedy"

in acceptance: " This thought of original inspiration brings me to what is, for me, the greatest happiness this occasion affords, and that is the opportunity it gives me to acknowledge, with gratitude and pride, to you and to the people of Sweden, the debt my work owes to that greatest genius of all modern dramatists, your August Strindberg. dot dot dot this was a love letter dot dot dot It was reading his plays when I first started to write back in the winter of 1913-14 that, above all else, first gave me the vision of what modern drama could be, and first inspired me with the urge to write for the theatre myself. If there is anything of lasting worth in my work, it is due to that original impulse from him, which has continued as my inspiration down all the years since then - to the ambition I received then to follow in the footsteps of his genius as worthily as my talent might permit, and with the same integrity of purpose. dot dot dot
Of course, it will be no news to you in Sweden that my work owes much to the influence of Strindberg. dot dot dot I have never been one of those who are so timidly uncertain of their own contribution that they feel they cannot afford to admit ever having been influenced, lest they be discovered as lacking all originality. dot dot dot No, I am only too proud of my debt to Strindberg, only too happy to have this opportunity of proclaiming it to his people. For me, he remains, as Nietzsche remains in his sphere, the Master, still to this day more modern than any of us, still our leader. And it is my pride to imagine that perhaps his spirit, musing over this year's Nobel award for literature, may smile with a little satisfaction, and find the follower not too unworthy of his Master."


oh you cannot know that. oh i repeat.

the human condition

our nature in long canisters
side-by-side in cellars

a taste for the one
far off in the back
considered dough
spit, hit, touches, impressions

headed for the cellar door, but empty
i picked again, empty
how much is there?
i picked again
and there was nothing there either.

by me

you can't make him drink

two peas in a pod

softly worked by sun, rain, and one green thumb
same root, same seed, same stem

she is wet but watered down, wrinkled
he is sturdy but as a nut, stone

water, dirt and warming earth
a rose is a rose is a rose

but squeeze a pod
pearls then empty

by me

trousers favour the brave

pound her full behind

sorry, love, too much planning
makes a man an accident;
an angry wife and a bed of nettles

look dirty now,
the nearer the bone the sweeter the meat
and the world is full of willing people

knock opportunity. pound.
sow lifetimes. pound.
happy happens, philosopher. pound.

LORD hate simple and great minds, alike

by me

the middle age

wet paper barking
like a million clocks

a drop, a tide of time
spoils the ink

don’t mind her!
oh, she is a storm, a moon
oh, people are scarce
but the well is dry and
calm is better broken then kept

you go, my lad
clash, clash, crush, smash
pound, pound, far underground

by me

I am, in fact, here to save the world.

those on the disappointment fence
are subconsciously summoning
those who believed.

a natural balance?

and the headstrong might just explode.

anything. first anything. anything?

a day, a god, a field, in the dark.

by me


one blue bird
lips, tongues, feathers

soft worms and fine bosom
best bottom on a dull boy

one kiss lips
ears, words, feathers

hard want and better tomorrow
best hand in the bush

fine feathers make fine birds

by me

the turtle commandment

time leisure teacher

always mouth silence
for hours

lips spoil the teeth

by me

silly fish

the fool has a thousand brains
rich bait for dogs

love is stomach meat
best things always come in packages

beauty gives permission
but if the eye is on the roof, be the house not burned?

young self is a stranger to old self
soon parted, that thou canst not know

by me

word lightning

cloud-capped stone green
combustion engineer, extraction turbine
coal-dark fluid assets
family chain winding ten-wheeled locomotive

pivot, crash, heaven-lit

rust-red morning
dream wide-openness
honey grass

you sugar me, pseudo etymologist
inaccessible anti-nihilist…closet hypodermic…sugar


you parent me, smooth-browed dog

by me

until they were carried by the current…

euphorbia was a boorish shade
omniscient yet choppy--
a speedboat


claustrophobia, while cagey,
could pinhole a tempest
a water-gate feat

bobbing along to a place
far down the river where the bank jutted out,
quiet wordsworth and beauregard
awake abutting

they were collected and tied together
…and cast into terminal circumscription

by me

Likely Neckline

the season of goodwill
grew vigorously
up as a tree
and swallowed up the sun

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

the wind sobbed
the secret quickest

Timing is everything.


by me


They made that gate ages ago, he said, partly for a way of escape.

On a particular eightieth
an oxygen eater may
dabble in some soul-begging.

I do try to enjoy every moment of life and accept everything the way it comes without complaining.

by me

calcareous evelyn

omnipresent cardiovascular remitting
delusive, hugging indifferent messieurs

some of them do not care about rears and poor ratings

he felt worse, as he now had a sharp pain in his toe to deal with in addition

by me

cards missing

headline: iota the frog?
answer at eleven!

resident rococo president
supreme shade
cerebrus may be into scat

toil toil continuo toil toil toil

a button.

bop and clean retardant
soar hellebore babysitter boy
brainstorm be brawn curse

by me

cynthia and phillip

phillip, that shabby stag, sleepwalks

see torso, quad, lewd bony fixture

a room, another, stayed by deadlock,
but emma it’s gigantic!

buckle bury vaccum
narrow complicity

detect cynthia!
everywhere spectator, amazon with switchblade

neuter, arcing cutlet
embalm with mustard.

by me

a semicolon haunting the third person
unheard-of cavity in the middle of information
cold-blooded politeness;
a deathtrap lain in selfish control

by me

masculine unfamiliar cul-de-sac

disenchanted hard rock was their approximate fortress
thereabouts heartbreak
tremendously armored as a compound

drive-by by defeat in rainwater
pothole screech
clench upholstery and fumble with rubber bootstraps

periodic hypothermia, timer sought,
and thinking it explosive [overcompensation]
intelligently pull ragged the moment

by me


compose remembrance

appleton begin
delicate autumnal dapple

time taken naked

by me

up-to-date attraction

convoluted vortex or pragmatism?
steep me a heart attack

living room, hangout, dark room
a trap door for the unusual best man
a boarding pass for the snug abundance


thorough? hot? hopelessly odd?

by me

the ninth punishment

doting shriveled passion on the neatness nettle.

with the cosmonaut, was this suitcase encumbrance or accessory?


sorcery: the wasted melee.


by me

double-spaced feeler

the odds and ends of construction in a fluorescent workshop

clinically retrace bereavement and God on paper
wait for a waft of warm-hearted in the neighborly vicinity
quarry for unhappy in the porous dejected

seed, belly, aptitude:
the dependable vivisection of goodness

for a cannibal of teardrops.

by me

puberty markdown

fem. as an ideological consequent:
the sorrow of collarbone or
the power of a cutthroat tramp?

work that Adam’s apple repeatedly…

lovesick was on clearance.

by me

romance depress recipient

urbane stray
you’d colored collusion obsolete.

a closed shop ages regretful.

the ubiquity of cataclysm
was a vestige of B.S.

and advertising is ill-fitting to indecision.

silently, red-eye
pray to linens and soda water for commiseration.

by me

innocence sundown
(construction paper, symmetrical, exactly 4 x 12)

unadulterated toddler,
earnestly cross-legged
at the threshold of a ladies’ room

unoccupied but for floss, fishnet, eye shadow
and terminal inhumanity

the domesticated giraffe, exquisitely in profile, typecast,
was a bleak award—Popsicle parity—but…
but clung to as a pillar of
optical illusion

by me

feeling thoughtfulness

finger the rich marmalade joy of balanced ground
while sunbathing in the idyllic yellow of yesterday

if a splinter of hopelessness jogs the nail and
sires the rush of present tense seepage

withdrawal is in the atmosphere.

enact the power outage charade
brightly dumbfounded to go
head-to-head with the blind
violet midnight licks off-white

direction loss
from the hole of normality

by me

honor roll

masculinity - the watchword of a generous motormouth.

hobnob with a king-size package
nightly, midweek, happy-go-lucky.

cartwheel, drop hard, and squirm
a dipstick rotisserie!

barnyard, yard, sand, side street…
bottom on copier [unprofessional]
or art room, equipped with paint
marble and polymer.

expose physique for service.
a registered nurse, in eyeglasses,
apparently dispatches life support.

by me

quality control

excessively editorial? guilty.

disinherit the role of oratory goon and
the ensuing demolition by tongue-in cheek.

the cartwheel of thesaurus naught mask presumptuous familiarity.

stifling inhalation.

not to pedantically oversee
but as softhearted sponsor, a manual adoptive of good-natured respect ensues.


by me

noun hit man
shoot double-talk

sire, a methodical eye…

misconduct reality:
1) occasional provocation
2) premature abstinence bridge
3) spark deciduous panic

a ruthless invasion? no.

concerning crime: not that kitten
but bitten, real this time,
as to gamble at the cost of common sense.

was the yo-yo of disfavor curable?

by me


she’ll soften the hardhearted into
a cartwheel beat

descend the undergrowth stairway to carnal riverfront
expect unforeseen fire to torch the rib
and defrost marrow

the grand escape

by me

was lost to the grip of gingham and
the virtuoso of forbidding mother tongue.

in springtime dusk
small-scale mischief was aboveboard,
but ambivalence crept in
and the rough-and-tumble
employed a queasy punch
and the objectionable choke.

the protrusion of jealousy slew affection dead,
and self-made apartheid rang wall-to-wall
with a soundness and an odor as sure as seen.

multiple choice:
a) excess
b) deceit
c) the power of modern manufacturing?

by me

red-hot reference

stammer at the informant-tit,
impolitely command or affably blubber the and this…

the whiz of emancipated kindness will excise the outermost groggy
by meta-paintbrush, and can
sew, bead and darn chronology.

a unique hybrid of ethics and midwife.

by me


slap a postage stamp compliment on the gal,
spike her grassland bleakness with a strip of withheld horseplay and
consign the underdog to hang.

ordinary accord is the post office box of vibrant antagonism.

a ghostwriter tourist can stall, as fitting airmail,
can puncture a pent-up wail from the bleachers,
and beat inflammation unintelligible.

that man has the knack of hand-me-down strangeness.


by me

yen of submission

station snout at sweaty hemline.

swarm that compassionate bare bulb
and repair humbling deflation.

guzzle for soggy shelter--
this is not a physical examination,
or a blasé bargain of eggs.

heaven is no hesitation.

by me

Chuck Illusion

This peddler of erosion
is accustomed to fine print gravitation.

So reproach the treacherous teeth with spasmodic technicality

For this obedient plunger,
drawing to a point as definite
as spick-and-span daybreak
with a tinge of savory blue color,
commands the squat and bob.

by me

Serviceable Dawn

That matchstick woke
with a hankering
to go boom.

Scientifically confirmed
as burning rotten.

by me


instantaneously nonverbal
drape endearing
ply permanently

in circular campsite, a full-time navel point of view

by me


the in
of inaudible was skinny-dipping
topless thereabouts
in a pin of independent moonlight.

opportune in…
abominable incarnation disjointed sirloin stamina grudging intermarry dealings routine reading disinfectant outing hamstring accounting Inc. gasp, and breadth exception suggestion relationship gotten

the imaginable nerve of in antics!

but cooler riverside
shrunk in
reckless in
pedigree significantly adrift

immune, that sentimental dreamer or of sojourn (subtract)
retired admirably
bearded, with knitting needle and spoon-fed teacup.

by me


foggy open-ended communication continued…
distant with capitulation, feeling as monotony.

sweetheart-belief dehydrated like a sloth with dysfunctional uptake.

[capital letter insubordination]


diver to rung
disembark from strung misgiving and thorough footing!

piss electricity loudly into a pail,
ably siege the kind mistress slot a-titter
and bud molten, hooded gear.

welcome a drank triumphant,
and heaven to bottom you'd heel forth.
by me


tbsp. antics!

Christmas card family values,
heartburn increasing
bronchitis bearer.

[intersection handgun]

inject the orator animosity
preppy the poinsettia
the happy hour care with lunchbox.

commercial. spooky.


wagon train:
poetry the elevate grandchild tricycle

output, excursion vigilant,


two-dimensional procurement
trying, this pierce of...


by me

oh i repeat myself.

and i have sprung a leak.

Monday, July 03, 2006

pop goes the world

have i ever used this subject before? i will stand amazed if i have not. am i a miserable wretch for feeling exploded so often? i watched a special, after watching a special on the flooding of new orleans while sitting in new orleans, on the world's greatest implosions. for a few hours i changed my messenger status to "gwendolyn p. the world's greatest implosion", but that felt hyperbolic and i replaced it.

most of the world's greatest implosions are sporting stadiums. some are hated by the fans and so there are loud cheers when they implode. others are much loved and replaced by modern monstrosities and people have mixed feelings on their implosion. people are very silly because they usually have started building the new structure before they destroy the older one so all sorts of elaborate precautions are needed to protect the new structure. this is why they have worked very hard at creating the world's greatest implosion techniques so that the old buildings can fall in on themselves without disturbing anything around them.

everyone i have ever really loved must have been part of some granfalloon. i don't talk to them at all anymore, i'm not pleased about this state of affairs one bit.

i think this is a picture of a 1-bit computer.

one of them said specifically i was part of his karass when we first met. he is the reason i started thinking about reading every vonnegut book. it is his birthday today. we don't talk even though we are supposedly friends and so i have not said happy birthday. i have a book and a card to give him if we were to talk but i don't imagine this will happen. i think perhaps vonnegut was thinking of "my ass" and "care" when he made up the word karass? and maybe vonnegut would understand that i am depressed i have not found a duprass. many people don't seem to understand.

most people would tell me i need to toughen up. but no one beats me up. i am not really sure many people could. i am big and i am strong. i'm just afraid of being ignored. vonnegut seems to think most people misbehave because they are treated like bit characters. i would suppose he makes them all main characters at some point (as he mentions his intention to in breakfast of champions) so that they behave better.

this is the inside of a wireless ship cabin (marconi, listen to the radio, 1910) that a man named andy bleck drew. it is blurry so you should go look at a better version on andy's website. i found this picture because i looked for images of "one bit" and andy says that the victorian chair is the "one bit" of this picture that gives away its age.

is it really impossible to be a central character in the lives of most people you come to really know, well, at least the ones you have loved? it is good that we modern people are being built to better crumble in ways that don't bother the structures around us.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

out like a lion

my courage, my spunk, it is abandoning me. i will not be asking ever so much any more. i shall be working on my arm strength, developing calluses and setting my sights westward.

i would like to close doors in my heart and mind and sprinkle a little obitsu powder at the thresholds. i'd like to know what this means.

i might begin to spend hours bending over keeping my piece of chalk to the ground.

busy, busy, busy

here are three things that i really love to do which i have discovered just this year:

i would like to do them every day.